How To Relieve Itchy Eyes in Allergy Season?

How To Relieve Itchy Eyes in Allergy Season?


Springtime is here! And with the new season, many of us experience seasonal allergies. I often rely on home remedies to combat itchy eyes and airborne allergens, including washing pillowcases and other linens more often and damp mopping surfaces with Thieves® household cleaner (I am also a Young Living consultant). Also, I have found that gargling with warm salt water and rinsing my eyes with a saline solution or eye drops can alleviate symptoms. Salt Water is at the top of Healthline's list of 15 home remedies, you can read more here. And if you need more info on how to incorporate Young Living essential oils and organic cleaners in your home and health care routine, let's connect! #homeremedies #allergyseason #younglivingessentialoils #deniseheathindependentconsultant

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